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The Alumni of the University first came together in Lagos in 1958. It then existed in Lagos but took a national outlook in 1973 as one of the various activities used to mark the 25th anniversary of the founding of the University. Its first National President was late Chief Ajibola Ige and S.A.O. Odumoye was the maiden National Secretary.

The Association is made up of all alumni and alumnae of the University of Ibadan who have matriculated irrespective of the length or outcome of their stay in the University provided of course they were not dismissed from the University. Invariably, all those who obtained a degree, a Diploma or Certificate (Undergraduate or Postgraduate) from the University College and/or the University of Ibadan are bona-fide members.

The main objectives of the Association include assistance to the University and interaction among its members. Some of the projects being handled by the Association include the on-going project of the Alumni Postgraduate Hall of Residence at Ajibode; Book Support to the University Library; Guest Rooms for the comfort of Members and Visitors to the Campus; Annual Alumni Lecture; Alumni National Public Service Lecture; Scholarship Scheme for the Undergraduate UI Students; Annual Honours/Award Ceremony; Quiz Competition; Annual Interfaculty Soccer Competitions; Production of UIAA News magazine that conveys news about the Association and the University to its members and the University Community etc.



The Association has its National Headquarters at the Dr. Michael Omolayole Centre, Opposite Queen Elizabeth Hall of Residence near the University main-gate. This impressive centre was built by the University under the Vice-Chancellorship of late Professor S.O. Olayide. The Centre currently houses administrative block of the UIAA, Alumni Guest House of Thirty-Four (34) rooms, a restaurant, a laundry and beautiful environment.

A generous benefaction from Mr. B.A. Onafowokan (Alumnus ‘48) enabled the Association to set up a National Secretariat and appoint a full time Executive Secretary in 1986. The position has now been renamed Administrative Secretary. The occupant of the position, who is the head of all members of staff of the Association, reports to the Executive Committee and National Executive Council of the Association through the National Secretary and National President. The Executive Committee is headed by the National President. Other members of the Committee include the three (3) National Vice-Presidents, National Secretary, two (2) Assistant National Secretaries, National Financial Secretary, National Treasurer, National Publicity Secretary, National Social Secretary, National Legal Adviser, Immediate Past National President and three Ex-Officio Members. The Executive Council consists of the Executive Committee and all the Secretaries and Chairmen of the various active Chapters and Branches of the Association.


The Alumni Association contributes actively to the administration of the University. The National President represents the Convocation on the University of Ibadan Council; the Chairman of its Board of Trustees, Dr. M.O. Omolayole (Alumnus ‘48) is a former Chairman of the University Endowment Appeal Fund Committee.


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